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Design Your Lighting.

The FourSquare was created to put light where you want it and how you want it.

Design Your Lighting.

A Size For Every Occasion.

The FourSquare comes in 20″ 30″ and 48″

Plus other special boxes too!


Exceptional Light, Inside or Out.

Stylistic creations to corporate headshots, the FourSquare is at home anywhere.

Just because it packs down small doesn’t mean it’s only for location shoots. The FourSquare packs a punch wherever you need it.

FourSquare 20"

FourSquare 30"

FourSquare 48"

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Built To Succeed.

A Small Surprise.

Every FourSquare packs down into a size that fits in most carry-on luggage. Yes even our biggest softbox, the FSK48 can come along for the ride.