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FourSquare 30″


The flagship FourSquare that brings you a great sized light that packs into a easy to travel size. Imagine a whole lighting kit that fits in your carry-on case!

FourSquare 30"

The FourSquare come ina variety of kits to suit you needs. From the standard block and box combo to kits with handles and other accessories for everything you need in one item.

Light Weight Is The Name Of The Game!

A FourSquare and battery powered speedlight is a powerful combo. No cords to manage with this totally wireless setup give you the freedom of movement not like the studio strobes of old.

Redneck Movie Night

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Jay Dickman

Owner of Jay Dickman Photography and FirstLight Workshop, Jay Dickman shows how to light your subject even in the middle of a river.


David Tejada

Photographer David Tejada demonstrates the mobility of the FourSquare to enhance the mood of a portrait



When you need to travel light. The Foursquare is always an option. Photographer Mark Manger was able to take a full lighting kit to Ghana.

Day of the Dead with the FSK30

The FourSquare is just as much at home in the Studio as it is on location. Mixing the speedlights in the FourSquare with the continuous light of a tungsten light makes for some fiery photos.

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